Company History of TIS GmbH in Bocholt

Logistics Software Provider TIS GmbH

Pioneers in wireless radio technology since 1985


For several decades now the TIS GmbH in Bocholt develops innovative concepts and products for mobile data communication in the field of goods transportation. What began as a sole proprietorship in 1985, to this day has grown into a fully-fledged medium-size company with about 50 employees today.

TIS Pioniere

August 25

TIS receives Honeywell Technical-Achievement Award 2016

Honeywell Technical-Achievement 2016 Award for TIS GmbH
In June 2017 TIS GmbH receives the “Honeywell Technical-Achievement 2016” award at the Honeywell Partnertag in Cologne.  
May 31

TIS is recognized as the company of the year

Telematikanbieter TIS GmbH aus Bocholt ist Unternehmen des Jahres 2016
In May 2017 the TIS GmbH receives the honor to be recognized as “company of the year 2016” by the city of Bocholt.
October 25

Markus Vinke takes over general management

Gründer der TIS GmbH Josef Bielefeld übergibt seinen Teil der Geschäftsführung an Markus Vinke
In October 2016 Josef Bielefeld handed over his part of the management at TIS GmbH to Markus Vinke, who has been an employee of TIS GmbH for 15 years.
May 30

30th anniversary of TIS GmbH

In May 2016, the TIS GmbH hosts its 4th house exhibition InnoMATIK at the Landhotel Voshövel in Schermbeck and at the same time celebrates the 30th company anniversary with customers, partners and colleagues.
June 1

Re-branding of the entire product range

2015 is marked by the re-branding of the entire product range. PSV3 remains part of the TISLOG logistics software division, which meanwhile has developed into a cross-platform compatible solution. Since 2015, the official name of the hardware and software portfolio of third-party manufacturers is TISWARE. The in-house developed accessories product..Read More
January 1

Re-design of the PSV3 software

Re-design of the PSV3 software (Server software: WEB-based, modernized service-oriented architecture (SOA) / Mobile Device Software: OS Independent Programming)
January 1

Move into the TIS Tower

Telematikanbieter TIS GmbH - TIS Tower in Bocholt
TIS is moving into the newly built office building, which provides more space for innovation, events and meanwhile almost 50 employees
January 1

Beginning distribution of TISPLUS accessories

TISPLUS Hardware-Zubehör für die Logistik| TIS GmbH
Largest national PSV3® contract with 2700 units, beginning distribution of the in-house developed hardware accessory line TIS Plus
January 1

PSV3® international

Largest international contract for the PSV3® telematics system with meanwhile more than 3500 units in Poland
January 1

PSV3® Europe-wide

Launch of the SaaS solutions / extension of PSV3® sales over Europe
January 1

Sales expert Peter Giesekus

Peter Giesekus - Geschäftsführung Telematikanbieter TIS GmbH
The Management is enforced by Peter Giesekus in the sales department
January 1

Telematics functions for PSV3®

Logistik-Hardware TISPLUS Truckbox
Systematic telematics: Development start of the telematics functions in PSV3® by connecting of digital speedometers over the TruckBox
January 1

Infodesk for PSV3®

Launch of the Web 2.0 development Infodesk for PSV3®
January 1

Move and re-allocation

The telematics provider moves into new premises with re-allocation of the so far existing different facilities
January 1

The birth of PSV3®

Start of the PSV3® product development and migration to Windows CE based MDTs at the proprietary premises
January 1

Entry into the Bluetooth® technology

Entry into the Bluetooth® technology by participating in the development of various Infineon Bluetooth®-Controller/IPs
January 1

More space for innovation

Expansion of the existing office space due to high project success (Siemens, mobile measurement technology, T & L Solutions)
January 1

Partnership with PAS GmbH

Start of the development of mobile solutions for transportation and logistics through a partnership with the PAS GmbH (now Active Logistics)
January 1

TIS turns into GmbH

Foundation of TIS Technische Informationssysteme GmbH
January 1

Mobile measurement technology

Entry into mobile measurement technology